Hello world

Starting over

Developing a new habit is rather difficult but not impossible. I believe a mix of motivation and responsibility is needed. I have heard a lot of “baby steps” when talking about developing a new habit.

Baby steps means starting with something easy and small, but representative towards a new goal. Once you get used to it you can continue adding up some level of difficulty. It has worked great for me when developing the habit of exercising. I started with an 8 minute workout and was able to triplicate the time–still working towards this goal.

This post is my first baby step towards this blog.

I actually like writing

I recently finished an edX course about English Composition by Arizona State University. It was a great course. What I admired most about it was something called the “Writer’s Journal.” We were encouraged to write 20 post entries in a blog throughout the course.

Guess what? I enjoyed the course a lot! Not only because of the great content, but because I had to write a lot about subjects I wanted to.

What will I write about?

Since it is my personal blog it could be anything I want. But I think it will be mostly about: technology, design, productivity experiments, personal experiences and notes about books I read.

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