Looking backwards

There are always events in our lives that makes us reflect about what we have been doing up until now. This time, the event—that left me reflecting—wasn’t something too big but it was really symbolic.

The process

Looking it backwards, this reflection is developed through a series of steps:

Questioning: The existential questions start coming to my mind, some of them are:

  • Am I doing it right?
  • What have I achieved?
  • How can I do it better?

Struggling: Torturing myself with those questions and looking for a distraction. This time I decided to write instead of playing a video game.

Acceptance & Realization: Eventually I conclude that one way or another, things have been moving forwards. Therefore I should be grateful. However deep within myself I know that things could be better.

Thanks to distraction—in the best of cases—it all fades away by the end of the day. However, today, I think it is important to add one more step to this process:

Commitment: I need to commit to something. Otherwise the reflection is in vain. It is difficult but necessary.

The commitment

You’ve known all along you were living against yourself, but you continued to justify.
Benjamin P. Hardy

I have been justifying myself for too long. I need to get back on my feet, I need to keep self-motivated and work towards what I really want. I recently took an important step: applying for a job in a company I believe in.

However, that’s not enough, so I made a quick list:

  • Get up early and keep a routine that helps me to do that.
  • Continuous learning. I believe it will keep me motivated. (Starting a new course this week!)
  • Take more care of the spiritual part. I try to meditate everyday through an app. I will give a chance to a meditation group.

For the moment, that will do: three things.

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