Want to stay motivated? Keep learning

Lately I have been thinking about learning as a way to stay motivated. I came with this idea after reflecting about what we do from primary school to the end of university. The first half of your life you are forced to learn. In one way or another you feel you are moving forward to something. However, in the second half of your life you have the control. The choice is yours wether you wanna continue learning or forget about it forever.

Do you need to continue learning?

If you are a curious and proactive person, chances are you will want to continue learning. But you might haven’t noticed that just yet. How would you know? Are you feeling kind of anxious or feeling the need to achieve something else? Do you feel like you are loosing track of your life?

How to get started

There are a couple of ways you can get back on the learning road. The most common is to start a master’s degree. Even though it is a great option, most of the times it requires more resources—specially money. So, what do you do if you want to start learning now?

You can search for an online course. There are many sites with a great variety of paid and free courses. Some of them are:

If you are interested in programing, web development and related subjects you can take a look here:

I haven’t tried all those sites yet, but I have heard or read about them from reliable sources.

A rewarding experience

Starting an online course that demands a daily activity has turned out to be a great way to feel and stay motivated. Waking up earlier to achieve/do something new gives you an extra purpose. Opens your mind to new possibilities,  and who nows, maybe your career to new opportunities. It is also keeps your mind busy and you get the sensation that you are moving towards something useful for your future.

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